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Monday, 31 August 2009


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HURRAH for this guy...and WHAT a talent...I LOVE his voice and his style, don't you?
I'm linking to you...It's a PUBLIC SERVICE, this post!! It really is! xxx


EXCELLENT post heidianne. came by way of z. thanks for highlighting this great conservative. it's always nice to know we are all in good company.


heidianne jackson

thanks for stopping by, maria and also for the kind words. I hope to see you again!


Hi Heidianne - This was surely a great find. He is priceless! It's so hard to find something to smile about these days, politically. Ya know, I actually commented here yesterday (and it looked like it went through fine) - but I can see that I'm not here!! *Went poof!* So, I will give it another try!! I wanted to make sure to thank you for the hat tip to DI's and my post. If people read it, they might want to come back (here) and take another listen to Lloyd Marcus - just to put those smiles back on their faces that we will probably be taking it away with our post! Nice job, grammy ;)

heidianne jackson

he is awesome, miradena - not as great a find as you and di, but still... thank you for the kind words and for sticking with it no matter how difficult and silly it gets...


This is great, Heidianne! How refreshingly... ACCURATE!

With about 50 seconds remaining in the vid clip, Mr. Marcus mentioned that there had been many accusations that the 'Tea Parties' had been all about hate. Then he stated...

"...the American people... are great, decent people, and... I met them on that tour..."

His voice choked, and he blinked rapidly, obviously holding back a emotional swell of heartfelt regard for OUR great Republic. This man exhibits what I see so many honest, patriotic Americans show... TRUE regard and UNDERSTANDING of the sacrifices that were given before the present generation. He KNOWS that this freedom, that we STILL enjoy by the grace of God... is NOT FREE.

The light hearted humor is energizing and so very timely. But it is delivered by a gentleman who clearly BELIEVES what he purveys! And that means a LOT more than just the levity. He really grasps the entire picture.

Nice stuff!

(And thank you kindly for the link and the accolades... always greatly appreciate your endorsements!)

Always On Watch

That letter is a gem! A real gem!

I plan to attend the D.C. Tea Party on September 12th. Usually, I don't march in the streets. But this time I feel that I simply must.

heidianne jackson

di, we need more like him - especially the "minorities" - ya know?

aow, i'll be at the tea party in l.a. i'm joining up with donald douglas from american power and his long beach group, my inland empire group from earlier and i'm gonna try to convince z and mr. z to join us. i feel we must stand up and do this. we must.


He was on TV last night.."I'm not AFRICAN AMERICAN, I"M AMERICAN" God bless him...we are ALL Americans. (oh, except those who hate America, like our........... ya)
Where's the party in LA? If Mr. Z's up for it, I'll be up for it! THAT kind of AMERICA FIRST CROWD is something we'd love to be a party of..if...)

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