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Wednesday, 09 September 2009


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Well sometime ago, during the campaign, I called Obama the perfect Manchurian candidate. We need to understand that our way of life has been under communist attack for many decades. What we are seeing now is the fruit of plans launched after the second world war. The communist leaders were smart enough to know that they couldn't out spend or produce us, so they created a plan of subversion that had a timeline of decades. It is a pity that more wasn't done during the McCarthy era to slow the progress. How many commies would he find in Tinseltown now?

Who's controlling Obama? No clue. The libs used to claim that Bush was controlled by Chenney... I think we all know that the same can't be said of Biden. That man is equipped with fewer wits than tsetse fly! George Soros perhaps?


I thought I commented earlier..sorry! I'm so enthusiastic about this article you found because I think it's so true....and G-Man, yes, I think SOROS...but not alone.
Soros, and the czars.....building up a network and putting the ONE on top for his supposed speech abilities and considering he hates this country about the most of anybody I know, or at least hates the things most of us LOVE about it?
I watched only 10 min of the speech tonight (who could watch longer with the BIG GRINNED SCARY LADY behind him?) and thought "We have a president of THIS COUNTRY who thinks PROFIT is EVIL". YIKES! And this type is TEACHING OUR KIDS! Telling our kids to DO WELL but never admitting their gains from doing well will be redistributed to those who didn't feel like doing well..argh!
Heidianne..I loved this piece and am so glad you posted it!


George Soros, Tony Rezko, and Nadhmi Auchi. Start there and look for the money. Soros is the primary IMO. Where else did NObama raise $600,000,000 during his campaign? You know it wasn't all from Americans.


I don't think he's a "Manchurian Candidate" but I do think he's a socialist and that scares the crap out of me. Sure, who of us doesn't want to help our fellow man? But socialism isn't the way to do it!

Mark A

This all sounds quite scary. What makes me most afraid though is the thought that there might not be anybody who is really running things. Either way, it surely is not Obama.

heidianne jackson

soros is certainly involved - but is he the true mastermind, i don't think so. i would say he's the money man and a contributor. i think others, too. ayers is most certainly somewhere near the top - everything coming out of obamanochio's mouth are ayers' policiy stances. and it's widely believed that ayers wrote at least one of obamanochio's books so i think that's a good tie-in. whom else? i'm not sure.

as for his speaking abilities, z, he really isn't a um very good uh public speaker - he um just um uh um cleans up nice and articulates um um uh well. if someone doesn't give him the EXACT um words to uh uh uh say, though, he's um - well you get the point.

jessica, this isn't the way to do it. but if obambam isn't being "run" by someone - what part of his essence makes you think he's doing it all himself? is he simply willfully ignorant? i don't buy it.

mark, thanks for stopping by - it is all very, very scary. now what?

Always On Watch

BHO does seem lost much of the time. The moniker of TOTUS fits him perfectly.

I wonder who wrote the speech he gave last night.

Remember, other than the books BHO supposedly wrote, we have no other evidence that he can write. After all, we have seen nothing written by him from his Harvard days, even when he was the editor of the law journal there.


Finally, I can comment here! I tried several times last night and I either could not get your site to come up at all... (white, empty page) or I could not get the comment button to open the opportunity. Dena has had similar probs with the comment button functioning.

I think Ayers and certainly with Soros' moneys. Regardless of who or how many are operating him, it is the largest combined threat we have faced since this nation was established. This was a great write, Heidianne, and McMahon wrote one helluva piece! I sent it to a large number of my friends and family and they will surely do the same. They each reacted the same... like a huge wave of ice cold water splashing over them.


heidianne jackson

di, i'm not certain what's going on. i have reported it to typepad as several people either can't push the comment button or - they comment and see it and then it's gone. i'm pretty upset about it, believe me.

as for mcmahon's writings - it was a blessing. i'm glad i was able to share it those i know and those who know me through my blog. ice cold water is a good analogy, di.

vegas art guy

Nobody is controlling him. He truly believes in what he and the far left is attempting to shove down our throats. That's why it's so surreal, because this is America and our president is not supposed to be a socialist radical.

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