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Tuesday, 01 December 2009


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The issue here is not whether a black man can win election in Florida’s 22nd district; it is whether Colonel West can raise enough money to defeat a solidly placed democrat in predominantly democratic region of the state. You may recall the ‘hanging chads’ incident a few years back. These are resettled New York liberals who borderline on full acceptance of Marxist ideology. I support Colonel West and will continue to do my part to help him (although I reside in the 8th District and we have our own problems). I wish our democratic system wasn’t all about money —but it is. The Golden Rule is: Whoever has the gold wins.

Semper Fi

heidianne jackson

i know that what you say has merit, mustang. but i hope (against hope?) that with a grassroots effort, such as what is happening now, that these (and other) fine conservatives can win the day. even if the gold is largely held by their opponents. cockeyed optimist? yep, that's me!


Great post.

I live in the Miami area thus unable to vote for West. He is a great American.

It would almost be worth it to move upstate just to vote for him. But Alas, I am old, infirm and almost blind... So I'll just have to be a cheering squad.

In Jesus Christ eternally,


heidianne jackson

thanks for stopping by, jack. i'm acting as a cheering squad for west and williams and frazier and a whole slew of others across the country where i cannot vote. we have to take this back. we have to take the fight to them. we have to use their "rule book" against them as west says. amen.


Great quotes, we need that kind of leadership in Washington!


Your post is excellent as usual, Heidianne, and I will staunchly endorse any REAL Conservatives that may still step up to the plate, but I am more than skeptical that we are anywhere near reclaiming what has been STOLEN from our country. I know... we have to begin somewhere. I just think that no one seems to accurately see how bad this is going to get.

Given what we have lost since January, this country should be immersed in a present day, totally justifiable Civil War!!! The fact that it is not (yet) is the truest testimonial to the rampant complacency and lack of deserved outrage amongst our population.

It is one thing (horrible and atrocious) that the current crop of Demorats have intentionally driven our Republic off the highest Leftist precipice, one never before even conceivable. And there is so much more on the chopping block (bereft of cutlery) that I literally have to mentally prepare each time I allow myself to consider its' magnitude.

But for people to actually continue clutching some holdout "hope" that there is anything that makes sense or has some flavor of goodness in these CRAZY, UNIMAGINABLE SOCIALIST DERAILMENTS is only explained by one answer...

We have strayed so far from our original principles, history and honoring of the sacrifices that bestowed our liberties that we no longer know where we once lived! We as a nation will only be slapped back to consciousness (maybe) by still coming economic and security disasters. I used to say it was unnecessary... It should have been, but I was inarguably WRONG!

The suffering and damage will take GENERATIONS to repair, if it ever gets to a point wherein it can be done at all. How astonishingly unfair to those who sacrificed in history's annals and those future children who had no participation in this stupidity... but will find it to be their existence nonetheless.

Is there an up side?

Maybe. If the records of history preserve the pain and represent it alongside its' true catalysts and those responsible, maybe it will be a near death lesson to be remembered clearly forever after.

If this Republic survives...

When we court martial three Navy Seals on Pearl Harbor Day for punching a wanted, pursued, murderous animal in the nose during capture... Well, how does that impact your optimism?


I LOVE THIS GUY and have posted same video on my blog!!!


ps. Link Exchange???

Ducky's here

These guys are just part huge faction that is blinded to anything but free markets, military superiority, church values, and consumerism. The right wants to an America that hasn't really prospered according to their creed for almost thirty years, unless you call two frustrating wars and massive debt to China a way to prosper.

Elect more of these guys and maybe we can have that Civil war.

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