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Thursday, 04 March 2010


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Great analysis.. sure wish all Americans understood this.

In Jesus Christ,\


heidi jackson

thanks Jack. when put like this, it's really quite simple...


I’m not qualified to say whether illegal aliens … or one in particular is good or bad. I’m not sure I think that such words have much value in a complex society. For example, I think a good person can do a bad thing. I think that people with good intention can break the law, and I think that good people can make a habit of breaking the law when society reinforces that there are no consequences for doing so. I also think that there can be unintended consequences, such as those produced by lenient societies and the concomitant increase in the flow of illegal aliens.

I completely agree with your thesis, however … and add this: the American people are incapable of remembering anything for very long. They may have passionate views about illegal immigration … for ten or so minutes, and then it drops off the scope. Then they may be upset when the government takes over the automotive industry and turns GM over to union leaders —which lasts for another few minutes. And now the current crisis is health care, and most Americans don’t even know how badly they are being lied to. And they’ll grow bored with this and congress will do what it wants. So whether it is granting amnesty or tossing this entire country under the bus, Congress can never do it without a lethargic America. And that —they have.


Awesome post! I am against illegal immigrants period! You either come here legally or get out, but unfortunately our past and present Administrations have capitulated and allowed this mess to become so big that it cannot be fixed any longer.

Illegals do not enhance or contribute to our society - they steal from us. They steal our jobs, our taxes, our money, our entitlement programs for those that truly need them, and worse, they do not pour their money back into our society-they send it to their homeland.

It is disgusting. There is a site headed by Latinos that are here legally and many born and raised here as well called "You Don't Speak for Me." They are totally against these illegal aliens.

Mark @ Israel

This is definitely the offshoot of Obamacare which sucks the American people. They make it a law without scrutinizing it to its depth and now Americans are ready to face the consequences of that bill. Lethargic Americans, we need to wake up before everything turns right side down.




What if the Native Americans had kept the illegal immigrants out a few centuries ago?

heidi jackson

abazigal, the native Americans were largely nomads - often living within set areas, but often just as likely to fight another tribe and/or nation for expansion territories. some, such as the Iroquois, were quite advanced in their organization including governernance. others were not.

they had no formal borders and as such no way to define immigration. that does not mean that one half of my ancestors didn't take advantage of the other half of my ancestors; clearly they did. however, it has nothing to do with illegal immigration into a country with formal boundaries.


Joe Legal works in construction[...] makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted.
Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax and now has: $31,231.00.

So, umm, he makes $25 with taxes deducted, and from that he has to pay his taxes? Doesn't really sound right....

You do have some valid points though, and I'd imagine there'll be enough of the wrong kind of opportunistic scum floating in with the tide (although it does seem you have plenty of those already in-house).

But consider this bit. Here in Holland we are world famous for our tulips (believe me, I hate being stereotyped, but I think you can relate to this). Most of the logistics that go into getting OUR tulips to YOUR side of the ocean involves illegal immigrants. Main reason being: even with a 10% unemployment rate you'll just won't find any dutch person who wants to pick those flowers. None.
So, in this case refusing to work with illegal immigrants would pretty much kill that industry.
Also, these dutch people don't want to do this work because of the lousy paycheck. I these wages would go up, so would the cost of the tulip. This would bring export down to unacceptable levels and, yet again, kill that industry. And no tulips for the rest of the world, trivial I know, but this is just one of the industries that rely on cheap labor.

Now, I'm not professing to know everything about the situation in your country, but people are people and commerce is commerce. I would be seriously surprised if things would be fundamentally different on your side. So, before you start pointing blaming fingers to politics and the immigrants(*), maybe you could check if that same finger shouldn't also point at the ones HIRING the immigrants and the ones passing up those jobs because of the low wages and such.
There's always more to an issue then meets the eye I think....

(*) As for blaming the immigrants: can you really blame a father if he tries to get the best possible starting position for his offspring? I'm a father of two and I would go through great lengths to make sure they have a better future then I have had. That is my obligation as a father.
I don't think it's morally sound to "blame" this particular group. It's not this group that fucks your country over financially (if their plan works their offspring will be valuable members of your society). No, for the REAL nasty opportunistic scum look no further then wall streets and the banks. These have done a fine number on you (and the rest of the world with you), and were doing so before Obama even knew he had a chance to get into the white house.

Ethically you just can't blame the current crisis on immigrants. And consider how a select group of people working for those defunct banks are STILL raking in millions in bonuses. THAT is where you're money (and your jobs) is going.

..just my 2cts. :D

Martin Berube

I agree 100% with Mr Dutch up here !!

Here in Canada (at least Quebec) it's the same, if it weren't for South American workers no fruits and vegetables would picked up in the fields... Nobody wants to do this underpaid job... so we have to bring people from the south, pay their trip, give them a room, pay them, let them use our FREE-and-less-expansive-than-yours health care system, etc. But we have affordable locally grown fruits and vegetables.

We make good friends and some farmers have now great free places to stay when they go in South America.

Migrant workers are needed for our over consumming societies... if you want to keep your livelihood you have to accept them and make a place for them... or else Joe Legal can go change his name for Joe Illegal and start to work illegally and get those advantages you were babling about...

mary reyes

This is so rascist you lousy piece of shit .. i was born in arizona i have more indian blood in my vain. What are you ... joe legal ? Well i will pray for people like you .forgive them lord for they not know what they do . Will you disown your kids if they choose o be with joe illegal .watch out for you wish for.Im so ashame of my own country .so too bad i have to stay .i still have my freedom of speech & my lord ...you will never be able to take that from me ..amen

mary reyes

Someone mention it earlier that they take away the jobs ..you forgot they take away your women too.how many are joe legals do you see on your phone that are sex ofenders or how many hold up signs by the free way i will work for food .or how many people are exposing drugs or tweekers as you call them joe legals...that what needs to be talk about .because oviosly no one cares for joe legals ither.

mary reyes

Wow .people dont believe this artical only hitler would write something like this ....this person doesnt care about u or me .look around you .nice cartoon though let me rephrase a point saying ilegals dont pay for taxes hum? What happens to the money that suposly get taken out of there pay & when its time for income tax day who stays with that portion.you guess right ..the state does .we need to stop & think how much money is stolen from us and blaming other countries ...as being a john doe or jane..how much money is our country steeling from us true americans .why are we paying out ragous taxes then now do you get the message......dam i m good but still sticking To Vote for PEDRO..


heidi jackson

the majority of illegals work under the table, Mary. ergo, no taxes are deducted. if that illegal is using a fake ssn, the person who really owns that number is held accountable for the income earned against it. even if earned by an illegal. the rate of taxes we're paying is a whole different discussion.

and, btw, to want someone held accountable for doing something that is illegal has nothing to do with race. racism means one thinks his race is better than another race. I don't care what race you are; if someone has come here illegally I want him/her to leave.

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