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Saturday, 11 September 2010


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The relatively few who see the past (as it truly was on that horrid day of barbaric mass murder) will always include you and your loved ones, Heidianne. The light at the end of the tunnel depends on the true teachings to those in our future who were too young to recall, or not yet born. It is incumbent upon us not to alter, revise, blur or erase what occurred. That day, in all its' savagery and bloodshed, must be accurately recounted.

We all are that potential lighted tunnel's end.

I am lacking in confidence, however, that that is how this will all turn out. It is our modern day struggle of David and Goliath.

Blessings to you and Mr. H.


thanks Heidianne..and always God bless:)

vegas art guy

My students saw pictures of the planes hitting the WTC as well as people in Gaza and Iran dancing in the streets. I will always have a 9/11 lesson for as long as I teach. So know that at least 150 teens a year will know what the attacks were about and why they happened.

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