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Monday, 11 October 2010


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what a brilliant read Heidanne and so so frightening!
We did not justify the Nazis rise to power as our fault. ..exactly but the lefties will have us all slaughtered ....sigh...........

heidianne jackson

what is it about leading us to slaughter that makes these people think we can win over the hearts and minds of those who hate us? rabbi lewis really hit the nail on the head, imho…


"Ehr kumt"...HE is coming. (I wish the Jews all realized this :-)
But, seriously, folks.....I always (as you know) take umbrage with people who say "More Germans should have done something" because any honest historian knows that the German Wiederstand was bigger than the French resistance but it's not taught. I wonder who would have had 8 children on a farm and saw trains and would go running to the Nazis to righteously demand to know WHO IS IN THOSE TRAINS AND IT MUST STOP!? ...who'd have that courage? Who'd sacrifice their lives?
Do I wish they had more courage than I have? Hell YES! I wish the whole horrid thing never happened, and so does every German I know.

Having said that, this piece should be read by EVERYONE in the world.......it might MIGHT make a difference, though our liberals have made Jews the object of disdain so their messages are as diluted as Conservative messages are...see what I mean?

Always On Watch

Not all Germans were Nazis – most were decent, most were revolted by the Third Reich...

Last year, an elderly woman -- Christian, not Jewish -- spoke to my middle-school class about what it was like to grow up under Hitler's regime. She and her family opposed Hitler -- and paid dearly for their opposition.

She'll be coming back this term to speak to my high-school class.

This lovely lady draws parallels between the time of the Third Reich and what we see on the political scene today. And, yes, she is frightened!

heidianne jackson

oh aow, what a wonderful resource. has she written a book? is it possible to have her on your radio show? or have the high school class create a series of questions for an interview after her "speech" and then write a short story or essay that could be published in a downloadable pdf for distribution? i'd love to be able to "hear" her words!

heidianne jackson

z, i can't imagine that i would have had the courage to ask any questions. i would have been busy putting my head down and hoping i was ignored. anything to keep my family safe, even if it meant that others were dying.

how horrible of a person does that make me?


It makes you a mother, Heidianne, not horrible..as you know.

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Speaking of Kalfka, if you have not read The Trial you really really need to. It is a scary look at the near future if we do not change our ways.

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Oh my! Her ears and nose was cut off! :( How could her husband do such thing on her.

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