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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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Dave Killion

This is a formidable essay. Like you, I have also noticed a lot of talk about the need for a new declaration. It reminds me of the several speakers I have heard who say that the Constitution should be amended to add the phrase "And we mean it!"

Also, when one asks which levels of government should provide what services, I think the principals of subsidiarity should be foremost in mind. So long as matters are handled by the smallest, lowest, or least centralized authority, then successes will be adopted while failures are confined. It is very fortunate for us defenders of liberty that the best outcomes arise from moral actions.

heidianne jackson

i'll take the words "formidable essay" as a complement - especially when uttered by you.

i would agree that the more granular the level of government providing the service, the closer to what is required will be delivered. however, it is not just our federal and state governments that are in trouble for expanding their roles past what they should be - our local governments are in sad shape as well.

i see it well here in the mountains: trash collection is provided by our county government. i have to pay a weekly fee regardless of whether or not i have trash picked up. and because i am in an area of the county where recycling is mandatory, i must also PAY for collection of my recyclable items even if i have none.

if i refuse to pay for no services rendered, pentalties and interest will be added and eventually a lien will be placed on my house. how is this serving the community - especially a community where more than 75% of the houses are second homes and used infrequently throughout the year.

because it is a service being provided by the government, they do not staff for projected activity based on the number of people who will, on average, use the services on a weekly basis - as a private enterprise would. rather, they staff as if all houses on the mountain will need service every week - who cares if those employees get paid full time wages for an average of 20 hours of work per week?


brilliant overview as always..is it Nov yet?


I finally got to really reading and digesting this.......much to mull over.
This paragraph says it all, in my opinion:
"....there are essentially two ways society can be organized: 1. on the basis of private ownership, capitalism, and freedom; or 2. on the basis of government control, socialism, and eventual totalitarianism. von mises compares both systems of societal organization, and investigates the nature of bureaucracies to reveal why socialism results "not only in impoverishment but also in the disintegration of social cooperation - in chaos."
Give me liberty or give me death.
Who ever thought we'd actually have to contemplate that, but we do today. Obama's thugs are playing to WIN and your article should be read and digested by every student in this land! Good one, Heidianne.


Excellent post and great blog. I will check back often and add you to my blogroll.

Keep it up!

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H. Keith Ent

This is a superb post. Excellently written and thorough. A thought on the idea of a new declaration of independance.

Every action that King George was guilty of and which forced our Founding Fathers to take the actions they took, has been and is being committed by our current government. Also, there are leftist states (like California) that cling tenaciously to their liberal ways and can only exist by draining the lifeblood from stronger, less socialist states.

So, first thing first, no declaration should be put forward unless we as a people are serious about it. Anything less is a waste of effort, ink, and will only end up in the Whitehouse/Congressional wastebaskets. Talking about anything else, for instance, as a reminder to those we elected, is a worthless idea. If the last election cycle and the Tea Party couldn't be used as a wake-up call, re-writing the Declaration is not going to do the job.

If you believe that a true Declaration of independance is worthy, or even required, then you must be willing to fight for that, and except the consequences of your actions. The largest number of the original signers died broken and alone. Some died in combat, others died paupers having given all of their wealth to the cause. Some sacrificed family to stay true to the cause of freedom.

If you are not willing to pay the price that our Founding Fathers did, then even bringing up the topic is a disservice to their memories and sacrifices.

heidianne jackson

well stated, kevin!

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