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Sunday, 06 February 2011


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Love this! I was thinking about this last night. The LAST time I heard this song done PERFECTLY was at Super Bowl XXV in Tampa Bay!

I was listening to Aguilera's rendition and found myself holding my breath waiting for her butcher it and yep, she didn't disappoint me.


I guess Whitney loves this country...but voted for Obama :-) She did do a good job, better than Aguilera, that's for sure...but I wish people would sing it a bit 'straighter'.... I can sing for a LOT of folks but singing at that venue with the whole WORLD watching would about put me in a loony bin with trepidation!! Aguilera should have used a TELEPROMPTER! I would have!

Donald Sullivan

I have never heard a solo singer sing the national anthem decently. Every sort of spin has been put on it: Jazz, classic, rock, C&W, R&B, whatever. It's beautiful if sung straight with no spin, and I think it should be sung by the people. Either that or just let the band play the music.

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Without freedom, you can't be anything--not even a songwriter.

I Want My Country Back video

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