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Tuesday, 02 October 2012


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I knew I heard a sonic boom somewhere near my internet connection, Heidi, and I am glad to see the re-entry into the stratosphere of the blogworld....Folks, if you haven't had the pleasure of savoring the taste of her commentary, you are in for a five-star experience. Ditzy blond, she is not, despite my imagination that she misplaces her car keys and puts the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cabinet after that late night snack....

The argument for alt.candidates is a good one, with a remodeling of the GOP as the opposite end of the fulcrum. I think that both carry adequate weight of their own. However, your sentiments are shared by many, and the frustration and desperation we feel over not only the current state of our nation but in seeing down the road and forecasting further deterioration. It brings to mind the thought of how different it must have been for our founders, who looked down the road with hope and optimism, as we look down the road and see the opposite...

I will, of course, be checking in regularly. I hope this isn't going to make me dust off my own keyboard....

heidi jackson

yes, robert, you're keyboard - as mine had - has been languishing long enough...

btw, thank you for the kind words & high praise...


I found myself stammering for words adequate to express the quality of thought and word which you convey....You are very welcome!

Bob Myers

Very well put. It is so hard to convince people that a vote for any one but mitt is a vote bho. Vote your principles for school board or county council or mayor. Turn out for the primaries and vote for the conservative or libertarian of your choice then. I don't think this court will ever support a real multi party system. But you are exactly right the only way out will ever change is to start at the bottom, elect people of principle to office and keep moving them up while refilling the lower spurs with people of principle. Your uncle and I used to have these discussions all the time. I will remind all that will listen, the only way a Paul got elected to anything was as a Republican.

Loved your post, it is just like talking to you

Stephen Micciche

Your observations are spot on. I have enjoyed reading your FB posts. I'm glad I checked out your blog. This country needs more unapologetic Patriots and Christians to make their voices heard. ROCK ON!

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